Category Grit Lit

The Street Martyr

When street hustler Vincent Grant is enlisted to throw a scare into a deviant priest, he does it dutifully, leaving the man bleeding on the floor of a seedy apartment. But when the priest is found brutally murdered, life as Vincent knew it ends and he has to flee as killers on both sides of the law make him the target of a city-wide manhunt.

The Scent of New Death

Phil Gaines' quiet and controlled criminal life ends abruptly when he makes the fatal error of marrying a young, wild, and very kinky local bar maid. Betrayed by both his wife and his partner in crime, Phil sets off across the countryside in a psycho-sexual killing spree.

Graveyard Stompers

At only seventeen, Jim "Quinny" Quinn was a living legend in the Brooklyn hardcore scene; the leader of a gang called the Graveyard Stompers, dating gutter-punk queen Justine Obscene, and poised to capture the Golden Gloves and fulfill the dreams of his tough-as-nails Irish immigrant father. What could go wrong? Everything.