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The Flying Saucers Are Real

Rumored to be the inspiration for Fox Mulder of The X-Files, Donald Keyhoe delivers the results of his groundbreaking research on the UFO phenomenon in a style that is at once terse and businesslike, and imbued with a sense of wonder at the mysteries and possibilities he is confronting.

Trouble In The Heartland

Each of the accomplished authors in this unique anthology chose a Springsteen title as a starting point, and in the criminally inclined spirit of the Boss, drove headlong to wherever that inspiration called. The destinations are as diverse and far-reaching as the songs that influenced them

The Street Martyr

When street hustler Vincent Grant is enlisted to throw a scare into a deviant priest, he does it dutifully, leaving the man bleeding on the floor of a seedy apartment. But when the priest is found brutally murdered, life as Vincent knew it ends and he has to flee as killers on both sides of the law make him the target of a city-wide manhunt.

The Immortal Game

When mobster Richard “Red” Scarlotti’s son goes missing, Dylan Thomas Lonagan, a private detective with truckloads of baggage, is hired to find him, and lands himself in the middle of a mob war.As two crime families try to settle old scores, Lonagan is forced to ally with Red’s hitman brother, Whitey, a hard nut with a soft side and a secret of his own.

The Triangle

The Triangle started as just another bar band from Seattle. But as the country exploded with righteous rage, they found themselves with a headlining gig at the revolution. From their jagged first tour, through their trials with a zombifying psychotropic drug and the destruction of a national treasure that sealed their infamy, The Triangle stayed one step ahead of the law . . . until one fateful encounter with luck and love taught them the true meaning of rock and roll.

All Your Lies Came True

When his good friend is found dead, failed LA rocker Declan St. James launches an investigation and quickly learns that nothing is what it seems with the music scene centered around an apparent cult outside Joshua Tree.


The plan is to wire a prominent banker with a remote control bomb and thereby capture untold millions from a dangerous drug czar. Or is the plan something else? The plot thickens as hidden family connections come to light and who is betraying who—and why—becomes a matter of life and death for perpetrators and victims alike.

The Scent of New Death

Phil Gaines' quiet and controlled criminal life ends abruptly when he makes the fatal error of marrying a young, wild, and very kinky local bar maid. Betrayed by both his wife and his partner in crime, Phil sets off across the countryside in a psycho-sexual killing spree.

On The Make

Tal Howard, a disillusioned Korean War veteran, breaks away from his old life, looking for answers and convinced he’s going to find them in the small town of Hillston. What’s in Hillston? Sixty grand in embezzled funds that Howard learned about from a dying friend in a POW camp.

Graveyard Stompers

At only seventeen, Jim "Quinny" Quinn was a living legend in the Brooklyn hardcore scene; the leader of a gang called the Graveyard Stompers, dating gutter-punk queen Justine Obscene, and poised to capture the Golden Gloves and fulfill the dreams of his tough-as-nails Irish immigrant father. What could go wrong? Everything.

Waiting To Be Forgotten

Twenty-five crime writers take to the page to honor their misfit heroes with a series of stories about the sad, the twisted, the beat down, and the darkness that looms just beyond the periphery. Each tale is inspired by a Replacements song, and each story is just as unique and heartbreaking as its inspiration.

The Wrong Man

Sam Schuler is starting a new family, trying to begin a respectable life, and trying to extricate himself from the seedy people he once knew. But when his former best friend involves him in a petty drug theft, a local street gang is stirred to action and Sam finds himself in the midst of personal war that nothing in his life has prepared him for.

Noir Bastard

When Kevin Chapman discovers that his young wife secretly aborted his child, and now plans to leave him for a woman she met at college, his world implodes. Unable to accept what is happening, helpless as reckless words give way to reckless acts, Kevin soon finds himself in the aftermath of the unthinkable.

Fast One

As the fiercely independent Kells rejects the appeals of various crime bosses who want to make use of his talents, powerful forces align against him. Being framed for a murder turns out to be the least of his troubles and as the stakes get higher, and the odds get longer, it’s only Kells’ nerve and toughness that keep him one step ahead of the law—and the reaper.